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Your client has progressed in the Calvary Community Care - Launch into Work program process.


Your candidate has confirmed they want to apply for the Launch into Work program with Calvary Community Care.

Rebecca from Ternary will be coordinating the application, compliance and interview process, if you have any queries please call Rebecca directly on 0438096467.


  1. Must hold a Certificate III in Aged Care or equivalent (prior to attending Candidate Information Session)
  2. DCSI Clearance (apply for prior to attending Candidate Information Session)
  3. National Police Clearance (completed by Calvary Community Care)
  4. Medical and Drug test (completed by Ternary)
  5. Minimum 3rd party car insurance (supplied by candidate)
  6. Car registration (supplied by candidate)
  7. Drivers licence (supplied by candidate)
  8. Uniform (supplied by Provider)
  9. Polo top (
  10. Black slacks or skirt
  11. Black closed-toes non-slip shoes

Employment with


Supported by

The Australian Government &Launch Into Work ProgramCalvary

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Locations of Placement & Employment

Wednesday 5 to Sunday 21 October

Booking candidates in for the Candidate Information Session.

Monday 22 October - 10:00am

Candidate Information Session

Monday 22 to Wednesday 24 October

Application, Screening and Interviews

Friday 26 October

Letter of Offer and Provider notified

Recruitment timetable

Week 1 Tuesday 30 October – Day 1, Induction
Week 1 Wednesday 31 October – Day 2, Soft Skills Training
Week 1 Thursday 1 November – Day 3, Soft Skills Training
Week 2 Monday 5 to Friday 9 November – Day 4 to Day 8, Accredited Training
Week 3 Monday 12 to Friday 16 November – Day 9 to Day 13, Work Placement
Week 4 Monday 19 to Friday 23 November – Day 14 to Day 18, Accredited Training
Week 5 Monday 26 to Friday 30 November – Day 19 to Day 21, Work Placement
Week 6 Monday 3 to Thursday 7 December – Day 22 to Day 25, Work Placement
Week 6 Friday 8 December – Day 26, Graduation

Training - Induction, Soft Skills and Accredited

8:30am to 4:30pm

Work Placement - Supervised Workplace Training

Location – Various, in clients homes
Commencing – from 7:00am
Participants will be buddied with a senior Community Support Worker for all Work Placement shifts.


Once you decide this opportunity is right for you, Rebecca from Ternary will work with you to collate and complete the following requirements:

  1. Hold a Certificate III in Aged Care, Home and Community Care, Disability or Individual Support or equivalent
  2. Have a current drivers licence and reliable vehicle
  3. Minimum of 3rd party car insurance
  4. Current DCSI Clearance – Child related employment
    (Please apply for when referring candidate to the Information Session, at present there is up-to a 6-week delay, with people not being able to commencement employment until received)
  5. Clear National Police Clearance (completed by Ternary & Calvary Community Care)
  6. Mobile phone
  7. Complete and pass a general medical and drug & alcohol assessment (organised by Ternary once application is received – after attending the information session)

About Community Support Worker roles

Participants will be trained to undertake varying tasks to support people with disabilities &/or the elderly to maintain their independence and lifestyle in their home. Some of the duties and requirements of the role involve:

  1. Personal care – dressing, showering and grooming
  2. Transportation – to and from events, medical appointments
  3. Domestic assistance – laundry, vacuuming, light house work
  4. Shopping assistance
  5. Engage in the activities of daily living of the clients
  6. Positively interact with all clients, nurturing their experience and giving each client individual attention and comfort
  7. Assist in implementing a consistent daily routine of the clients
  8. Ensure a clean and healthy environment for the clients.

Employment Commencing

Employment will be offered upon the successful completion of the Launch into Work program.
Commencing from Monday 10th December 2018.

Any queries please contact Rebecca Michelini on 0438 096 467 or

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